Illustrated Planner Cover and Poster Design
“House of Books” is an ambiguous representation of books and houses/neighborhoods. It is an encapsulation of the (unnamed bookstore) experience. An unplanned encounter with a fellow bookworm in between aisles of bookshelves, shared path, and finally, binding connections in sharing similar interests in a certain book even sometimes by chance.
Through books, we are building a community. We are a neighborhood.
As an (unnamed bookstore) planner cover and an adaptable poster design, the illustration is a balanced playful contrast of making structured plans but also opening ourselves in enjoying unplanned encounters - much like our shared experiences, a likely pair, in taking a chance on a book we just picked up, along with the book we’ve been looking forward to. Hence, finding a way to create harmony between the abstracted stacks of books/houses with patterned spines and the structural shapes and design.
In celebrating 20 years of (unnamed bookstore), there are 20 hidden doors representing each year. Every door inspires the community to create new and different discoveries, memories, and connections. There’s always a door open for readers to be themselves.

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