Paper Engineering, Paper Sculpture, and Light Movement
WHEN? NOW. is a playful experiment of paper engineering in finding levels of interaction with light and possible dimensional continuities from a single sheet of paper.

The interactive illumination of ‘painting with light’ creates depths from a transformed archival paper and the movement, the push and pull, the beginning, and the end. Ultimately, it is a tranquil yet also fleeting feeling as time passes.
Paper Engineering, Paper Sculpture, Light Movement
Archival Paper
Limited edition of 3
Approx. 10" x 24"
Created by APRL
WHEN? NOW. is made from a single sheet of archival paper, carefully hand-cut and hand-assembled.

Turning to the next page, APRL is on a curious quest to experiment with the paper’s materiality and possible levels of interactivity. How it can be intertwined with various approaches in creating innovative visual storytelling experiences. Unfolding stories of mundane/complex representations of life.
Starting from a blank sheet of paper (literally), but not figuratively (I’m combining all my knowledge and experiences – written on countless pages with illegible footnotes. All of this has led me to this page. But I also have room for blank pages I’m eager to fulfill).
This is all I am willing to share right now from my unidentified list of concepts and perpetual unanswered questions*.
Ending this message with a quote from Christopher Niemann: “When you show the real thing, you kill it. You make it impossible to then look at things in the abstract.”

Trying to see the brighter side of things, 
For serious inquiries for WHEN? NOW or a private commission, feel free to send me an email :) Thanks!
*Amongst my conceptual way of seeing things and answering the ‘why’ about almost every element in my work…and oftentimes, it delightfully leads to another question. 
But of course, I’m still creating pop-up models on my foldable desk. Wait for it to unfold. Not the foldable desk! haha but the pop-up models.
I find it funny that my desk is foldable, even this laptop I’m facing as I write this.

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